Fleure from France

I am 7 years old
It's my birthday tomorrow and I hope that I get lots of presents. My girlfriends say I'm spoilt but they're really secretly jealous. It is true that my Mum and Dad always give me what I want and, if they don't, I make a fuss and complain until they give in. But I'm worth it.
My father is my biggest fan and my mother is really proud of me.

Fleur belongs with Jordan from Israel.


Jordan from Israel

I am 7 years old
I got this cool cap from my mother. When I put it on, I feel really important. I hope that I will be a hero when I am 14 or 15. Because then I can protect my family and my country. Sometimes they also attach a fake bomb to me with a belt. My mother is really proud of me.

Jordan belongs with Fleur from France

Lotte from Holland

I am 3 years old
This is an old picture of me in my ski suit. Mum, dad and I were on our first winter vacation. I still remember that we drove over very high mountains. One time we went so far and high that I got scared. Sometimes I forgot where my home was.

Lotte belongs with Barrika from Colombia

Barrika from Colombia

I am 3 years old
This is my fake wooden gun. I always have it with me. I got it from my big sister when she went into the army. There they give the youngest kids a fake gun like this one. Just to start getting used to it. Maybe someday I'll get a real gun, just like her. My sister misses us, specially my mother. She is also really far away. She said: sometimes I forget where home is.

Barrika belongs with Lotte from Holland

Jimmy from Denmark

I am 6 years old
I want to be a pilot when I grow up. I think about it every day. That's why my father bought me this plane, which I think is really beautiful, but of course it's not real. When I lie in bed at night, and hear planes flying overhead, I fantasize that I am travelling to faraway lands.  I only hope that I don't catch really bad diseases, like malaria or something.

Jimmy belongs with Tobias from the Philippines

Tobias from the Philippines

I am 6 years old
My older brother has already lived for two years in a rebel training camp. My parents sent him there so that he could go to school and get training. But then he got malaria and had to stay in bed. He saw the planes fly by overhead. He fantasized a lot that he could fly home.

Tobias belongs with Jimmy from Denmark

Lars from Norway
I am 7 years old
I don't exactly know anymore how long I've been fishing, but I do know that I was still really small when I used to take my fishing rod and fish from the shore. Some fish are really strong.  I would call my father because I thought I would not be able to land them on my own. I thought they would pull me into the water. My sister thinks it's stupid. She says that it's sad, and that I am hurting them for nothing.

Lars belongs with Kwakou from Sierra Leone

Kwakou from Sierra Leone

I am 7 years old
I want to be like other kids. But how can I? Because I am no one's child. I still dream about a boy from my village that I shot. Then he talks to me and says 'you hurt me for nothing!'

Kwakou belongs with Lars from Norway

Marti from Austria

I am 12 years old
This is my dog Buck and the gun that my father gave me for Christmas. My father and grandfather have been taking me hunting since I could walk. They taught me how to handle guns by having me take them apart and then put them back together again. I shot my first deer when I was 11.

Marti belongs with Amar from Sri Lanka

Amar from Sri Lanka

I am 12 years old
When I arrived in the training camp, I learned first how to handle weapons. Till I knew how to take them apart and put them back together again. And we shot at animals to practice. If I didn't hit anything I got punished. The first time I shot someone I was 11.

Amar belongs with Marti from Austria

Minette from Australia

I am 2 years old
This picture of me is really famous. It was taken by my aunt during a family party. Everyone was surprised because they were my first steps. I walked really late because I found it easier to roll or crawl. Till I wanted to grab a present, I couldn't, so I began to walk.

Minette belongs with Labeeb from Palestine

Labeeb from Palestine

I am 2 years old
This picture of me is really famous. It was taken at a family party when someone dressed me up as a 'suicide bomber'. When the picture was discovered by the Israeli army, it was distributed around the world and was in all the newspapers. Many people thought it was bad that I wore the costume, but it's really normal here to have our pictures taken in uniforms and with play pistols.

Labeeb belongs with Minette from Australia

Kristy-Lou from Canada

I am 12 years old
Here I am with my favourite parakeets. They are very tame and even go with me in the garden. They don't fly away. I find it hard to take care of them because they sometimes get sick. But the best is that they are so beautiful. I really love beautiful colours.

Kristy-Lou belongs with Ameen from Iraq

Ameen from Iraq

I am 12 years old
I belong to a gang and we always wear black uniforms. Our training was very hard and sometime we got drugs so that we have enough courage on the front lines to attack. I find it too bad that we always wear black. I really love beautiful colours.

Ameen belongs with Kristy Lou from Canada

Gustaaf from Belgium

I am 13 years old
I have this on because there was a costume competition at school. All of the classes had to go to the gym and then they picked the best costume. But the winners are always those with the prettiest hand-made costumes. First I had an itchy Star Wars suit that smelled like plastic. Then my mother bought me a Pino costume because she thought it looked really cute on me. I had to go to school in it. I really didn't want to.

Gustaf belongs with Kagame from Rwanda

Kagame from Rwanda

I am 13 years old.
I went to school every day in Kigali. But then, in 1994, the war began. On the way to school we had to hide in the hospital because of the violence. Once soldiers came and divided us into groups. For our safety, they said. But the groups were made to divide us up for the army because we were taken away to the training camp where we had to stay for 3 weeks. There we had to fight and we got orders to protect the city. I really didn't want to.

Kagame belongs with Gustaf from Belgium

Daisy from the United States

I used to be really shy. I hid behind my mother's skirts. That changed when my parents got a kitten. Then I had something to talk about with my classmates. I also took Minou one time with me to school. I think the best way to stop being shy is to be more brave and to speak to people to whom you usually would not say anything.

Daisy belongs with Jimiyu from Uganda.

Jimiyu from Uganda

I am 15 years old
I was kidnapped by a rebel army. Pretty soon I was forced to kill a boy that tried to escape. I also saw how another boy was murdered because he did not warn anyone when his friend escaped. It's hard here; I have to fight for my bed and food every day. I used to be really shy but that changed when I came to the army.

Jimiyu belongs with Daisy from the United States

Callie from Ireland

I am 14 years old
Yesterday there was a big party at school and I danced a slow dance with a boy for the first time. I am a little in love, but not really. I stood with two friends and pretended not to see him. He said: hey, do you want to dance, and I said: OK. It was a bit awkward and very warm. But we danced to the end of the song and it was wonderful. I am so happy I could cry.

Callie belongs with Midanda from Congo

Midanda from Congo

I am 14 years old
I fought for 2 years with a rebel army before I was taken by UN troops to a rehabilitation camp. I have had a lot of bad dreams about what I did and my conscience bothers me too. I don't feel anything anymore. You could cut me with a knife and I still would not feel it. Everyone is scared of me. Sometimes I cry, but only if I'm happy.

Midanda belongs with Callie from Ireland

Laura from Spain|

I am 11 years old.
I got a Pokeman suit from my mother. First I thought it was a bit childish but now I really like it. When I wear it, I feel like I have the power of Pokeman. I also have the courage to do a lot more than I normally do.

Laura belongs with Vidu from India

Vidu from India

I am 11 years old.
The first time I had to fight I was really scared, but after 2 or 3 days they gave us cocaine and then I lost my fear. When I did drugs on the front, I never felt bad. I had the courage to do a lot more that I normally do.

Vidu belongs with Laura from Spain

Nikolas from Greece

I am 6 years old
When I went to summer camp with my school, I really thought at first that I would like it. Everyone in class was excited and so was I. Till I had to go to bed. It was really dark in the room. At home we have a night light but I forgot to pack it. It was really hard. I'm older now, but I still have problems with being homesick.

Nikolas belongs with Hola from Ethiopia

Hola from Ethiopia

I am 6 years old
I ran away from home because I was being beaten. Nobody looked after me except for my grandmother. She got sick and I met a boy from a rebel army. I went with him and now I work in the training camp. I still have problems with being homesick.

Hola belongs with Nikolas from Greece